iF Creations, LLC

About Us

IF CREATIONS, LLC consists of a creative and talented team, under the leadership of founder, Ishraq Freericks.

Together, we bring a wide range of services and products to our customers.

Innovative and forward thinkers, we are open to explore all possibilities and undertake any challenges. No job is too big or too small. No idea is too far-reaching, and no concept is too vague.

We find joy and fulfillment in our work.

OUR MISSION: To be the conduit that interprets and fulfills your vision and turns it into a reality.

For more information please contact info@if-creations.com.

“The secret of joy in work is
contained in one word - excellence. 
To know how to do something
well is to enjoy it.”

- Pearl Buck


Marbelous! (TM)

Marbelous is a multi purpose simulation game that is great for a variety of training programs, including teamwork, active management, communication, decision making, problem solving,
planning, strategizing, process improvement and leadership.

Swirl to Success

Swirl to Success™:
This icebreaker is great for understanding a system, process improvement, problem solving and goal setting.

Becoming a Leader

Becoming a Leader™: This icebreaker is an excellent tool for emphasizing the importance of communication.




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